Tuesday, November 1, 2011

wee winged beasties

Who says visual journaling should be smaller than a bread-box? Why not think big?

Much fun helping my friend, Jane Powell of Random Arts, these past few months getting the shop in Saluda ready to re-open. Embracing the creative challenge on a large scale. Entire walls are the blank canvas. Windows open into another realm. Pondering both the devil and the divine in the details.

Metamorphosis is the theme. Change. Evolution.

Re-purposing. Re-cycling. Re-inventing.

The possibilities are endless.

The message is clear...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

all who wander are not lost

dog & butterfly neckpiece.

The pendant features a sticker saved from the back of an envelope.

A thankyou note sent to me by a student after one of my workshops.

The image is from a painting entitled Golden Dreams by Sueellen Ross.

Each morning I have a ritual: wake and greet the day, cup of coffee, out the door for a walk.

Start in the shade, up my grassy gravel drive, crest the hill into full sun to gaze over the lake. Sometimes clear and bright. Sometimes smoky as the sun strikes the surface of the water and causes tendrils of mist to rise into the air.

Listen to the sounds around me...unseen crickets, bird song, the breeze whispers high in the leaves of the trees. Sun warm on my skin. Cool this morning with the promise of fall. Bittersweet end of summer.

A rustle of leaves in the woods behind me. Turn to look...no one there. Walk on. There it is again. I turn once more. It is Red-dog, a golden retriever, the campground mascot. Emerging from the shadows onto the road, he walks in the opposite direction.

I call to him, whistle. He doesn't hear. He is old, steps slow. This may be his last summer. I watch in silence for awhile as he wanders on, following the stripe in the deserted road. Turn and continue on my walk. I think of dogs I have known and loved and lost. Turn back again for another glimpse of him. He is gone.

I think of the book I am reading, The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein. Written from a dogs perspective about his people. About living and loving and losing. The interconnection of souls. Taking risks. Racing. Sometimes in sunshine. Sometimes in shadow and rain. Together and apart yet not alone.

there is no dishonor in losing the race...there is only dishonor in not racing because you are afraid to lose

Garth Stein

Monday, February 7, 2011

curious things...given wings

Play is an essential element in the creative process. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this very basic fact. Give ourselves permission to play. Set aside worldly worries for a little while and open our minds to explore and experiment. Ask the question...what if?

What if...

for just a few hours on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I escape into the studio. Turn on the radio and tune into my favorite program, WNCW's Celtic Winds. Discover music by The Outside Track from their new album...curious things given wings. Let my imagination soar.

What if...

I combine odd bits from my stash:

pierced metal screen

luminous, lavender~opal colored beads, lined with silver foil

antique copper beads


Add a few leaf shapes
cut & heat~sculpted from spun polyester mixed~media sheets

What if...

I change direction:

same mixed~media sheets, different shapes

add texture and definition with metallic thread

layer on the color

don't heat sculpt

What if...

I add wire for shape

wrap a stick with a bit of eyelash ribbon

glue on a couple of beads for eyes

These curious things, my imaginings, are indeed given wings!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

...kisses much sweeter than wine

Mixed Media Jewelry Workshop

Saturday, February 12th

10am ~ 4pm

My Garden of Beadin'

Hendersonville, NC

Everything you need to create this narrative, mixed~media bracelet is in the kit! Including elements to fabricate three very special charms and one wire~wrapped and beaded fabric bead.

Explore layering images and elements in a resin filled metal bezel.

Add vintage charm with text from a 1920's French dictionary. Embellish with bits of fiber, glass beads & Swarovski crystals.

For a romantic touch, layer a lovely lucite flower with a Swarovski crystal roundel.

Learn to wrap, hammer and oxidize heavy gauge, copper wire to create your own special beaded links, fabric beads and a hook~style closure.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

images and imaginings

It is so easy to create these two, translucent, lacy flowers with vintage inspired buttons and Swarovski glass pearl centers.

We will use spun polyester mixed media sheets cut into basic floral shapes for our textile artwork.

Learn to apply text and images and build layer upon layer of colors using a magical collection of mists, watercolors and alcohol inks to achieve dream~like translucent effects.

By adding the secret touch you will sculpt these lifeless shapes into shimmering accents of dazzling dimension.

Stack the individual elements to create two, multi~layered assemblages, one with a vintage look button center and another with a Swarovski glass pearl center.

Explore various methods of cold connections to finish your personal adornments as pins which can be applied to apparel, necklaces and bracelets.

Students should bring: heat tool, scissors, pliers (2) chain nose, (1) round nose and (1) wire cutters.

Next workshop in conjunction with the Quilt, Fiber and Mixed~Media Event
January 28th from 6~8pm at the Hampton Inn
Statesville, NC

I will be at the show helping Jane Powell from Random Arts. Check out her fabulous booth full of mixed~media art supplies and goodies at the show Jan 28th & 29th.

Jane is teaching her Tattered Bird Mosaic right after the Floral Adornments class.

Treat yourself to an evening of art!

register for workshops by email: sabijewelry@aol.com

down the rabbit-hole

a bit like Alice down the rabbit-hole. Off on an adventure in cyberspace. Through a doorway, of sorts. Falling. Flying.

never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.

So here it is. The long awaited, very first entry into the weird science world of the virtual journal

Rest assured, there will be pictures. Lots of them. All along the journey.

what is the use of a book, thought Alice, without pictures or conversations?